Juke Joint 1.0 BETA hits Apple App Store

Juke Joint is a music-based, social-media party platform! One mobile device acts as host to any number of guest mobile devices. Guests can connect via Wi-Fi or cellular network to a host.
This is the main view.
It’s essentially a shared playlist, playable via the hosting device which usually would be tethered to a Bluetooth amplification. The screenshot shows the view a party host would see, with play/pause, next track, etc. at the bottom. Party guests get similar view but no play controls [ads there for non-subscribers].
The top toolbar is where you start/join/end/leave parties (the door), where you add music from your device to the party playlist (the music note), and where you go for the help tutorial (the (?)) if needed.
If you want to start/join/end/leave a joint, click on the door. You’ll get a view like this:
Any open joints will be listed and [if not private] iconified on the map view.
Back to the main view. The lighter bar underneath the toolbar is what I call the ‘social bar’. It shows what party you are currently joined to or hosting. In this case, my user ‘compy’ is hosting. Click on the (i) to change your joint tag, invite friends, give your joint a cover photo, create a secret phrase to admit only guests you’ve given it to, etc. That view looks like this:
Back to the main view. In the social bar, if you click on the chat-bubble button you’ll see the joint chatroom where you can chat with party guests and upload pictures. That view looks like this:
When you are in a party and hear a song that you like and don’t have, you should be able to find a “Get it on iTunes” direct link to the iTunes store within the app [seen in the chat view and main view above]. I am an iTunes affiliate so I get 7% of any click-through that leads to purchase within 24 hours.
Back to the main view. The microphone to the left of the song information in the main view opens a recording view.
Here, you can record a 10-second personal message to be played prior to the song playing in the joint. Useful for intros, dedications, etc.
Today we release version 1.0.